GigaMart’s mission is to become a daily habit for the NFT community by providing a social experience complemented with the best tools for research and analysis.

GigaMart’s approach is based on four key tenets:

1. Analytics - users must have robust analytics to make informed buying and selling decisions without having to leave Gigamart.

2. Aggregation - users should be offered the best price and maximum inventory at all times. This means they must be able to research, list and buy NFTs from all major marketplaces without leaving GigaMart.

3. Social - users must be able to interact directly with other buyers and sellers in order to make informed decisions, follow collections and become members of respective communities.

4. Decentralization - GigaMart will stand in contrast to the incumbents as a truly decentralized marketplace appealing to native Web3 users and establishing itself as the market continues to attract new users